Slots are without a doubt the most popular games in the iGaming industry. Thanks to its enormous variety and simplicity in the rules, this is a type of fun loved by practically all Portuguese players.

Thus, in front of such a wide target audience, several online casinos bet on the organization of slot machine tournaments.

Thus, we developed this article with the aim of making you aware of this type of event, exposing you to some of its types, rules, as well as the types of prizes you can be congratulated on at the end.


Before registering for an event, you should find out about the existing registration modalities. If, on the one hand, there are some free tournaments (with less advantageous prizes), those where an entry fee is required have mouth-watering prizes.

We present you the different variants of slots tournaments that exist in the market of legal casinos:

  • Freerolls: Totally free events. However, they have low value prizes.
  • Invitation: Generally, these competitions are not available to the general public. Only VIP players can access them through an invitation. In most cases, these types of events are free or have a very low buy-in.
  • Satellites: These consist of slots tournaments organized as part of a larger event. 
  • Guaranteed: This is one of the most popular types among players. It is characterized by having a fixed prize, not depending on the number of participants.

As you can understand, the main aspects that differentiate the variants of this type of events are the required entry amount and the way in which the final prize is divided.

Therefore, we suggest that you opt for events with a fixed prize, as you will know right away what amount you can qualify for. In this case, you will know not only the value of the first prize, but also all other places awarded.


We will now highlight some aspects that you should take into account, before venturing into an event of this type. As with any other entertainment, there are rules you must follow.

In short, at the beginning of the competition, each player receives an equal amount of coins (chips), which he can bet on the various gaming machines, for a limited period of time.

At the end of this period, all slot machines are blocked and the competition is ended.

Thus, the following rules are highlighted:

  • Registration: All players wishing to register for the tournament must pay the required registration amount (buy-in).
  • Competition: Try to accumulate as many coins as possible during the stipulated period.
  • Re-buy: Depending on the rules in force, players will be able to buy back chips after losing their starting capital.

End of Tournament: When the tournament ends, prizes are awarded.

  • Prize-pool: This is the total value of the prizes, which will be shared by the best classifieds. As mentioned, this may have a fixed value or vary according to the number of participants.

It should also be noted that, in the case of time-based tournaments, there is only one strategy: play fast to collect as many coins as possible, within the defined time.

However, some tournaments are structured around a fixed number of rounds. In this case, there is no strategy or speed that can help you, having to rely on your luck and wait for winning rounds!